A10.10 Annual Evaluation of Faculty

Effective Date: June, 22 2012
Last Reviewed: June, 22 2012

Department Chairpersons must evaluate all non-tenured faculty members on an annual basis. All tenured faculty members are evaluated every three years unless the Chairperson or the Dean of the Faculty deems it necessary to evaluate a faculty member more frequently.

Normally, faculty evaluations are due by June 30 of each year. The following serve as guidelines for Department Chairpersons:

  1. Teaching effectiveness, based on:
    • A review of student and peer evaluations of teaching (other than course evaluations for first year faculty which are formative only).
    • Nature of courses taught, based on course syllabuses, assignments, and teaching materials.
    • Supervision of directed studies, internships, field studies
  2. Effectiveness in advising and mentoring students.
    • Advising students on curricular matters, post-graduate plans, etc.
    • Helping students with problems in their courses
  3. Fulfillment of all institutional and departmental obligations.
    • Participating in departmental meetings and projects (and effectiveness of same)
    • Conscientiously carrying out obligations to students - meeting classes regularly, advance notification of unavoidable absence, keeping office hours, returning assignments and examinations within a reasonable period of time, etc.
  4. Successful integration within the College community.
    • Participating in faculty seminars and other campus academic and co curricular activities
    • Stimulating interest in cultural, political, and social affairs
    • Encouraging interdepartmental dialogue
    • Experimenting with innovative pedagogy
    • Participating in committee functions
  5. Efforts at professional growth.
    • Research, scholarship, publication, etc.
    • Presenting at regional, national and international professional meetings
    • Active membership in professional societies

Should the Chairperson make recommendations for improvement in any area, the Chairperson and the faculty member should work together to develop a plan of action to address such recommendations.