A27.2 Graduate Student Grading Scale


Effective Date: December, 12 2017
Last Reviewed: May 28, 2021

The College uses the following system of letter grades and quality points to evaluate graduate student performance.

  • Satisfactory, work that fulfills requirements in quality and quantity and meets acceptable standard for graduation  
    • Grade, Quality Points Per Credit Hour
    • A, 4.00
    • A-, 3.70
    • B+, 3.30
    • B, 3.00
    • B-, 2.70
  • Unsatisfactory, work that does not fulfill requirements or meet acceptable standard for graduation, but still deserving of credit.
    • C+, 2.30
  • Failure, work undeserving of credit
    • F, 0.00
  • Grades which are not assigned quality points and are not included in the computing of the quality-point average.
    • IF (Incomplete/Failure)
    • AU (Audit)
    • I (Incomplete)  
    • P (Pass)      
    • S (Satisfactory)       
    • U (Unsatisfactory)  
    • W (Withdrew)           
  • Administrative Grades:
    • IP (In Progress)
    • NS (Not Summitted)
  • Notes:
    • An “IF” (Incomplete/Failure) is issued when a student has failed to meet the 30-day deadline for completing the work in an incomplete (“I”) course. An “IF” is assigned 0.00 quality points, and is calculated as an “F” when computing the student's grade-point average.
    • “IP” (In Progress) is an administrative grade marker automatically assigned to any course that is currently in progress. Quality points are not assigned and are not included in the computing of the grade-point average.
    • “NS” (Not Submitted) is an administrative grade marker used to indicate that a grade was not submitted by the instructor by the final grading deadline. The “NS” will be replaced with a final grade upon receipt from the course instructor. Quality points are not assigned and the NS grade is not included in the computing of the grade-point average.
    • Grade-Point Average: The Semester grade-point average is based on all courses taken in that semester, including failures. It is calculated by (1) multiplying credits for each course by quality points assigned to each grade earned; (2) totaling points earned for all courses; and (3) dividing total points by the number of credits attempted. Cumulative grade-point average is calculated in the above manner for all courses taken at Stonehill College, including failures. Grades earned in courses accepted in transfer, or in courses approved to be taken at other colleges, are not calculated in either the semester or the cumulative grade-point average.
    • The student who fails a course can secure credit for the course only by repeating and passing it. A student has the option of repeating a course if the grade is below a B-.