F12.20 Collection of Student Account Payments

Effective Date: June 20, 2023
Last Reviewed: June 20, 2023

The Student Financial Assistance Office shall collect payments from all students.

  1. Each semester’s tuition, room and board, and meal plan charges, if applicable, are due, with appropriate fees, before the start of each semester. The College reserves the right to withhold class schedules and rooming assignments until the bill is paid in full.
  2. The College must anticipate for fiscal reasons that all financial obligations to the College will be paid in full. Failure to meet these obligations may result in Administrative Withdrawal from the College.
  3. Payment is accepted in the form of a personal check or money order. Payments by credit or debit cards or electronic check must be made online only. Payors are responsible for the fees associated with debit or credit card payments.
  4. The College has the right to refuse personal checks for any payment made after the due date and may require all future remittance via certified check or money order for students or families who have jeopardized their credit standing with the College.
  5. The College also reserves the right to refuse payment it determines to be unacceptable and the right to require that payment made after the due date be cashier’s check only. Payments made after May 1 and prior to the end of the academic year must be by certified check. Personal checks will not be accepted after that date.
  6. The College reserves the right to withhold registration, diplomas, transcripts, and graduation from any student who owes the college money or equipment. Unofficial transcripts are allowable for prior courses that have been paid in full.
  7. There is a ten working day waiting period after the deposit of a personal or electronic check before a transcript can be released.
  8. If for any reason the College must refer an account to an outside agency for collection, the College reserves the right to add any and all legal and/or agency fees to the account balance. The College also reserves the right to report the outstanding account to a credit reporting bureau.
  9. Any amounts appearing as pending aid on a bill are tentative. These amounts have been deducted from the final amount due; final receipt of these funds is dependent upon further action on the student/parent’s part and/or is under the control of state or federal agencies, lending institutions, or private foundations and is, therefore, not guaranteed. If the funds are not forthcoming, the student and/or the parent(s) are responsible for these amounts.
  10. A monthly payment plan is available for eligible students. (Policy F12.19)

*Series change, previously G6.20