Effective Date: August 23, 2019
Last Reviewed: August 23, 2019

The purpose of this policy is to provide new employees and their supervisors with the opportunity to evaluate the working relationship and performance requirements in order to determine whether a mutually acceptable work relationship exists. This policy applies to all staff of Stonehill College. Employees who are in positions covered by the collective bargaining agreement should refer to the agreement.

All new staff members are on an introductory/provisional1 period for the equivalent of three months. Upon successful completion of the introductory/provisional period employees become regular employees and are entitled to the benefits associated with that classification. The intent of the introductory/provisional period is to enable the College to carefully evaluate new employees’ work, attitude, ability, and potential value to the College and also to permit new employees to determine their suitability for the job. During the introductory/provisional period, it is imperative that frequent discussions between the new employee and the supervisor be held to discuss work performance.

The College reserves the right unilaterally to extend the introductory/provisional period for up to an additional sixty (60) calendar days in the event the College is not satisfied that an employee has sufficiently developed or demonstrated the skills, attitude, and ability necessary to become a regular employee. The justification for the extension must be specified in writing and approved by the department director and the Director of Human Resources or designee. If, upon the completion of the extended introductory/provisional period, significant improvement in job performance has not been exhibited, the employee will be terminated.

Termination or disciplinary issues during the introductory/provisional period are not subject to corrective action or the grievance procedure.