Effective Date: August 30, 2019
Last Reviewed: August 30, 2019

Except when expressly agreed to as part of a written contractual obligation, employment with Stonehill College is on an At-Will Basis and any employee of Stonehill College can be terminated from employment for cause or for no reason.

Resignations should be submitted in writing to your supervisor/director and a copy sent to the Office of Human Resources. Advanced notice of at least two weeks is preferred.

Exiting employees are asked to complete an online exit survey and meet with the Office of Human Resources for an exit interview.

All College property (keys, identification, uniforms, library books, procurement cards, laptops, etc.) must be returned to the employee’s supervisor or to the Office of Human Resources prior to leaving campus.

Voluntary Termination. While the College requests two weeks’ notice, the College has the right to terminate an employee immediately upon notice of resignation. In such cases, the College may, in its sole discretion, provide two (2) weeks’ severance pay along with any other compensation due.

Job Abandonment. An employee’s absence from work for three (3) consecutive scheduled workdays without notification to their supervisor is job abandonment. The employee will be considered to have voluntarily terminated their employment. Any compensation due will be direct deposited into the employee’s account on file.

Staff Reductions. While the College will endeavor to avoid layoffs, it reserves the right to initiate layoffs if it determines that such action is warranted based upon economic circumstances or other factors that it deems appropriate. The College adheres to the applicable requirements of federal and state non-discrimination laws when determining staff reductions.

Involuntary Termination. Involuntary termination requires the prior approval of the appropriate divisional vice president or the President, in consultation with the Director of Human Resources. The basis for the termination shall be documented in writing. At the time of termination, employees will be paid for all hours worked, including the day of termination and any accrued vacation time.

Termination Date. The termination date is the actual last day worked by the employee and will not be extended because of accrued benefit time. Employees may not terminate on a holiday or the day after a holiday to receive holiday pay. Employees may not use accrued time in lieu of the two-week notice period.

Terminal Benefits Payout. Employees will receive either on the day of an involuntary termination, or with the payroll following the date of a voluntary termination, job abandonment or staff reduction, a check for any accrued vacation time. Personal, sick time, and floating holidays do not have any cash value upon termination.