Effective Date: February 17, 2009
Last Reviewed: February 17, 2009

The general administration and control of the Stonehill College Campus Department is vested in the Vice President for Finance through his/her designee the Chief of Police. The Chief of Campus Police works collaboratively in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs on student-related policing and campus safety issues.

The Chief of Police is responsible for the management, efficiency, and general good order of the Department.

The Command Staff assists the Chief in directing all aspects of planning, organizing, administering, supervising and co-coordinating all activities of the Department, including recommending policies to the Vice President for Finance and the President of the College.

The Chief of Police is responsible for maintaining and implementing procedures, protocols, and directives relevant to the recruiting and hiring, training, assignment of personnel, promotional selection, budget management, payroll, personnel administration, discipline and criminal and non-criminal investigations.

The Department may include the additional position of Lieutenant. The Lieutenant shall report to the Chief of Police and is generally responsible for administration, training, personnel, police records, including Clery Act compliance, physical and electronic security, and is generally responsible for patrol and communications operations.

An administrative support staff assists the senior command staff in overall administration of the Department. The detailed job descriptions for the Chief and Lieutenant’s positions shall be maintained by the Office of Human Resources.