Rev: May 28, 2019

Purpose and Scope:

It is the College’s intent to use College facilities as efficiently and effectively as possible, adhering to best practices related to campus space scheduling and use. As such, this policy shall provide for a consistent application of procedures, processes, and risk management with regard to the use of College facilities outside of academic scheduling by both internal and external constituencies.


Intended Use of College Facilities

As a private Catholic institution of higher education, Stonehill College seeks to balance its mission of instruction, scholarship, and co-curricular activities with its commitment to provide service to external organizations through use of its facilities. The facilities of Stonehill College exist for the primary purpose of delivering academic instruction to the student body, as well as providing venues for student co-curricular activities and events. When ample space is available, the College is likewise committed to making facility space available to external users whose overall mission is consistent and reinforces the mission of the College.

All campus facilities and outdoor spaces are the property of Stonehill College, Inc., and as such, there is no departmental or individual ownership of space. The College designates certain campus buildings and spaces to serve a primary purpose, and reserves the right to limit the use of certain buildings and spaces. The College also reserves the right to allow such designated buildings and spaces to be utilized for purposes other than their intended primary purpose based on the following criteria: importance and magnitude of the event; mission critical status; classification of participants; and relationship to the College. The College will adjust its procedures relating to use of certain campus spaces as the needs and opportunities of the College change.

Campus Scheduling

All College spaces must be reserved via the College’s space and event reservation system prior to use by internal and external constituencies. The Office of Conference & Event Services serves as the primary scheduler and approver of Campus space other than for academic class scheduling. The Director of Conference & Event Services may appoint additional schedulers from other campus departments with scheduling permissions to reserve specific campus areas that are primarily utilized or overseen by the department.

Facility Reservation Requests for Internal Events

All event and room reservation requests for internal events that occur on the Stonehill College campus require the completion of the electronic Submit an Event Form located online through the Campus Events Calendar webpage. Requestors must adhere to the guidelines and instructions provided on the Submit an Event Form in order to provide for an accurate and transparent Master Calendar.

Completion of the Submit an Event Form does not imply approval or confirmation. The Conference & Event Services Department will evaluate each request within five business days, at which time it will notify the requestor of its status. Events requiring the utilization of Campus Support Service Departments must provide a minimum of seven business days advanced notice. All event and room reservation requests made by students require the signature/approval of either a faculty/staff advisor or the Office of Student Engagement. The requestor is responsible for any incurred fees associated with the event. The Conference & Event Services Department may deny event and room reservation requests not made in accordance with this policy.

Facility Use by External Users

The Conference & Event Services Department qualifies and processes all inquiries from External Users (any outside person, group, organization, or entity not affiliated with the College using College facilities) to rent and utilize the College’s facilities. All External Events are scheduled and coordinated through Conference & Event Services based on campus availability.

External Users are required to sign a License Agreement issued by the College and provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance meeting the College’s requirements and endorsements in order to reduce any risk and liability the College would otherwise incur. External Users will also be assessed Facility Rental and Support Service Fees in accordance with the Conference & Event Services Procedures and prevailing Rental Fee Schedule for use of campus facilities by External Users. Recognizing relationships and partnerships with certain organizations and individuals, the Director of Conference & Event Services may elect to offer a percentage based discount to the Facility Rental Fee in accordance with the Department’s Procedures and Rental Fee Schedule.

The College further recognizes relationships with certain External Users with missions that align with that of the College, whose presence on campus benefits the College. Such events may be sponsored by College Division Heads, which provides a percentage based discount to the Facility Rental Fee according to the Rental Fee Schedule. Requests for a complete waiver of Facility Rental Fees must be supported by a Division Head and reviewed with the Vice President for Finance. Given the mission critical status of sponsored events, a designee from the sponsoring Division must serve as the primary point of contact for the External User, and also serve as the liaison between the External User and Conference & Event Services.

Private Use of Facilities by Employees

College employees, with approval of their respective Division Head, are eligible to reserve space on campus for personal use/non-College related events. College employees will be bound to the same policies and procedures for External Users. A percentage based discount to the Facility Rental Fee will be applied in accordance with the Facility Rental Fee Schedule.