Effective Date: July 1, 2019
Last Reviewed: July 1, 2019


The purpose of this procedure is to help ensure the safe operation of golf carts on campus in order to prevent injuries to pedestrians, golf cart operators, and reduce the risk of property damage.


All college employees, student, vendors, contractors and visitors that operate a golf cart on college property must adhere to College operating procedures and proper use and maintenance of carts utilized on Stonehill College property. Violation of these rules may result in disciplinary action.

Golf carts driven on public roadways must adhere to all traffic laws and regulations and shall not impede normal traffic flow regardless of whether they are being operated on service drives, sidewalks or roadways.

Golf carts are to be operated with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety of the operator, passengers, pedestrians and College property. Pedestrians shall be given the right of-way at all times.

Prior to operation of a golf cart, supervisors will ensure that each employee who operates a golf cart has reviewed and signed the golf cart agreement at the end of this procedure.


• Every golf cart shall be equipped with a registration placard. ·

• Driver is the licensed operator of a golf cart. ·

• A valid driver’s license is required to drive a golf cart on campus. ·

• All loads must be safely and properly secured. ·

• Stay off roads and grass except when necessary. ·

• Golf Cart Operator should use manual hand signals when negotiating turns. ·

• Do not exceed the passenger limit. For example, one bench seats two passengers. ·

• Do not jump curbs or other obstacles that may damage the golf cart. ·

• Drive on right side of sidewalks/paths similar to street driving rules. ·

• When walkways are crowded, Golf Cart Operators must either stop, proceed around pedestrians at a slow speed. ·

• When approaching a blind corner, such as a building wall, slow down and use caution. Use considerable caution in parking lots. ·

• Reduce speed to compensate for inclines, corners, bumps/rough terrain, pedestrians, and especially on wet/icy conditions. ·

• Avoid abrupt stops (skidding), high speed turns and any form of horseplay.

Golf Cart Operators shall not wear headphones, use cell phones or use/operate any other device while driving that may cause a distraction. You must stop operation to utilize a cell phone or other device.

Golf Cart Operators (drivers) should be limited to employees (including student employees), and authorized lessees. Passengers may include campers being shuttled by camp employees or lessees, and guests being shuttled for college events.

Golf carts are not to be driven or parked on landscaped lawns or natural covered areas where campus roadways or sidewalks are available. Golf carts must not be parked:

a. in Fire Lanes

b. in Disabled Parking spaces

c. in Reserved Parking spaces

d. in a manner that impedes entrance/exit to a building, approximately 10 feet

e. in any manner that impedes the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic

Golf Cart Operators are responsible for the security of ignition keys during the time that a golf cart is assigned to them. Any time a cart is unattended; the ignition shall be turned off, the key removed from the ignition, and in the possession of the authorized operator.

Operation during hours of darkness including weather is discouraged.

Drivers involved in an accident must immediately report the incident to their supervisor and to Campus Police.

Golf Cart Operators violating these procedures will be prohibited from operating a golf cart by their Department Director and/or Campus Police.

Golf Cart Guidelines Acknowledgement Form

(This form and a copy of the Operator’s Driver’s License will be sent to Campus Police)

Name (print): __________________________________________

Department: _________________________           Phone: ___________________

By signing below, I acknowledge that: ·

• My supervisor has instructed me on the proper use and operation of the golf cart. ·

• I have read and understand the golf cart procedure. ·

• I understand the hazards associated with driving a golf cart and agree to abide by the procedure and safety guidelines. ·

• I have been provided with the opportunity to ask questions related to the procedure and these guidelines. ·

• I understand that if I am a student worker, any damages incurred to the golf cart are my responsibility and could be billed to my Banner account. ·

• Any damages or fees resulting from misuse by employees will be billed to the department for which that individual works. ·

• I have provided my Supervisor with a copy of my Driver’s License. 

 _______________________________________________ ____________________

Signature/ Date

 _______________________________________________ ____________________

Supervisor’s Signature/Date