Effective Date: December 16, 2011
Last Reviewed: December 16, 2011


This policy defines eligibility for ID cards (Hill Cards) that serve as proof of a Stonehill community member’s status at the College and enable access to services. It also provides guidelines for the creation, use, and termination of the cards.


This policy applies to all Stonehill College employees, including but not limited to faculty and staff, and any other individuals working for or acting as an agent or representative of the College. This policy also applies to Stonehill College students, retired Stonehill College employees, and affiliates of the College. Additionally, this policy applies to vendors under contract with Stonehill College that require access to college buildings to provide services.


ID cards are provided based on the role of an individual relative to Stonehill College and are issued based on an individual’s status in the Banner database. ID cards serve as proof of an individual’s identity and status at Stonehill and may be used to access other services based on the cardholder’s role at the College. Any transfer, alteration, falsification, forgery, fraudulent use or illegal use of an ID card constitutes a violation of this policy and may result in disciplinary action. Eligibility for ID cards and procedures for card creation and termination are detailed below.


Hill Card

The Stonehill ID card includes the cardholder’s name, photo, status, and id number. A barcode number and printed barcode for library access are included if appropriate. The card is printed on PVC proximity cards that include a magnetic stripe.

Hill Card Services

ID cards may be used for the following services depending on the cardholder’s role: pay for food at Dining Services; make purchases at the Bookstore, vending machines, info desk or mail room; purchase food or other items at off campus locations; gain access to the Sports Complex or other Recreational Sports facilities; enter buildings or locations within buildings; and utilize Library services. These service offerings are subject to change.


ID cards are created and maintained by Campus Police. Cardholders are responsible for the proper care of their card and for carrying their card when on campus. Cards must be presented upon request by an appropriate College official.

ID cards may be created upon request to Campus Police for individuals in the following statuses as defined by information in the Banner database.


Hill Cards are created for all new students who are admitted to Stonehill. Student photos are taken at Orientation and cards are issued at the start of the student’s first semester.

Student cards are disabled by Campus Police upon withdrawal from the college, excluding students on an official leave of absence, or 3 months after graduation.


Hill Cards are created for all Stonehill employees who have a current job in the Banner Human Resources system. Employees whose primary role is faculty will be designated as such on their card. All others will be designated as staff.

Employee cards are disabled by Campus Police upon notice of termination of employment at the College. Emeritus Faculty are eligible to maintain their Hill Card.


ID cards may be provided for individuals who are not employed by Stonehill College but have a specific relationship to the College which requires them to be on campus regularly. A Department Head who sponsors the affiliate must submit an affiliate information form. The affiliate must be entered into Banner before a card may be issued.

Affiliate ID cards are issued with a defined expiration date provided by the Department Head or a maximum 6 month expiration date, whichever is shorter. Renewals must be requested in writing by the Department Head. These cards are disabled by Campus Police upon notice by the Department Head that the affiliate has terminated their relationship with the College.


Vendor ID cards may be provided by Campus Police for vendors who provide a regular service on campus (e.g. Coke delivery) or who need access to locations on campus for a contract service (e.g. painters). A Department Head is responsible for submitting a written request to Campus Police specifying the access requirements and the dates that access is needed.

Campus Police will issue a vendor ID card to vendor representatives upon receipt of appropriate identification and signature for receipt of the ID. Vendors are responsible for returning the ID after their service has been completed.


Guest ID cards may be issued to Department Heads who have an ongoing need to provide access to locations on campus for guests. Examples of this need include guests attending summer programs coordinated through the Conferences and Events Services Office and Admissions tour guides who accompany guests through a tour of campus buildings. A Department Head is responsible for submitting a written request to Campus Police specifying their requirements for guest cards and access. The Department Head is responsible for tracking the cards that are issued and ensuring appropriate return of the cards.

Cardholder Responsibility

The cardholder agrees to abide by the policy, as amended from time to time, and to the display of his or her picture on the card. Cardholders are responsible for contacting Campus Police immediately to report a lost or stolen card. All cardholders except students must surrender their cards to their Department Head, or sponsor in the case of affiliates, when their relationship to the college is terminated.

Department Head Responsibility

Department Heads are responsible for securing the ID card of terminated employees or affiliates that they have sponsored. The card should be turned over to Campus Police noting that the card should be disabled.

Division Head Responsibility

Division Heads are responsible for notifying the Campus Police in writing to request exceptions to this policy. Exceptions Page 3 of 3 Stonehill College reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy on an individual basis when it is determined to be in the best interest of the College. All exceptions must be authorized in advance in writing by the department’s Division Head.