Effective Date: December 8, 2009
Last Reviewed: December 8, 2009

Stonehill College, through the Office of Conference and Events, allows rental of its facility space to outside clients. Stonehill College complies with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and guests are required to adhere to the College’s summer residential rules and regulations in order to maintain a safe, pleasant and secure environment for summer program guests and employees.


Each summer program guest will complete and sign a Room Condition Form at check-in and check-out. Other than normal wear and tear, all damage, intentional or unintentional, caused by a summer program guest will be the responsibility of the Host Group. To avoid room damage, guests are asked to leave their respective rooms in the same condition as they were received. All damage fees will be assessed to the Host Group and be included on the final invoice for payment. Please report any and all maintenance issues to the Host Group’s event coordinator who will then contact Conference & Event Services. In the case of a maintenance or damage emergency, if Conference & Event Services cannot be reached, or if time is of the essence, please contact Facilities Management at (508) 565- 1361 between 8 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday or Campus Police at (508) 565-5555 during all other hours.


College furniture may not be removed from one’s room, nor may common area furniture be appropriated for one’s exclusive use and moved from lounges to one’s private room. Individuals may not move College furniture outside of the building for any purpose. The College provides lounge furniture for interior use only and summer guests should recognize that exterior use and movement tends to damage furniture. Moreover, summer guests are not permitted to move or remove any college-owned property from classrooms or academic buildings unless prior arrangements have been made with Conference & Event Services.


Each Host Group at check-in will issue all summer program guests keys/cards to their assigned rooms. For your safety and the safety of your belongings, you are urged to keep your room door locked and carry your keys/card with you at all times. If you lose your assigned keys/card, you must report this to your Host Group coordinator immediately. The Host Group coordinator is responsible for contacting the Conference & Event Services office to report lost or stolen keys/cards. Failure to turn in your keys/card at checkout will result in a charge assessed to the Host Group to be included on the final invoice for payment.

We ask that all summer program guests assist in the security of the residence halls by keeping front doors and room doors unpropped at all times. Please note: If an exterior door is held open longer than two (2) minutes, an audible alarm will sound within the building. Campus Police and the College Switchboard Operator are immediately notified once an alarm sounds.

Any damage/tampering with locks or the Access Control System is strictly prohibited. Please report any damage/tampering of locks and the Access Control Components to your Host Group’s event coordinator who will then notify Conference & Event Services. The Host Group will be responsible for any and all damage/tampering of locks, doors and the Access Control System.


The Fire Code has been designed by the College in association with the Easton Fire/Rescue Department to ensure the safety of all guests and to prevent the occurrence of fire. This Fire Code meets all the requirements set forth in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fire Prevention Regulations and Stonehill College policies.

Fire Protection Equipment

1. The discharging of fire extinguishers, except to extinguish a fire, is prohibited. Any person doing so will face immediate loss of residency, criminal prosecution and removal from campus.

2. Sprinkler heads, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm pull boxes must remain unobstructed at all times. Sprinkler heads must have eighteen inches (18”) of clearance from the distributor plate.

3. Tampering with or causing fire alarm and fire fighting equipment to become inoperable will lead to immediate loss of residency, criminal prosecution and removal from campus.


1. It is prohibited for any item to impede an emergency egress.

2. Hallways, corridors, and fire escapes shall remain clear and unobstructed at all times.

3. Bicycles in corridors or stairwells are prohibited.

4. All doorways must remain clear and unobstructed at all times.

5. Furniture, wardrobes, partitions, and drapes that are obstructing the means of egress are prohibited. These may inhibit or prevent guests from escaping from rooms in case of fire.

6. Wardrobes, dressers, bicycles, and beds must be kept against the walls and must not obstruct the door or heaters.

7. Fire exit doors in all Residence Areas are alarmed and are to be used only in an emergency. Unwarranted use of the alarmed doors will lead to immediate loss of residency, criminal prosecution, and removal from campus.

8. Exterior entrance doors to all residential buildings should be closed and locked at all times. Exterior doors are not to be left open or propped or an alarm will sound.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are to remain closed at all times since they act to contain toxic fumes, smoke, and fire to a limited area.


1. The College prohibits guests from introducing or tampering with electrical components. Dimmer switches and adapters for outlets are violations.

2. Multiple outlet extension cords of any kind are prohibited. If you need an outlet strip you must purchase a UL-approved unit with a circuit breaker.

3. All string lights are prohibited.


1. All upholstered furniture is labeled stating items meet CAL117 for buildings with sprinklers.

2. Upholstered furniture that is ripped or torn is prohibited.

3. Beanbag chairs and inflatable furniture are prohibited.

4. Summer guests are limited to three cushions per room.

5. Furniture must be placed at least six inches (6”) from any heating unit.

6. Summer guests are prohibited from bringing any additional furniture into residence areas.

Prohibited Items

1.The possession and use of the following items are strictly prohibited on campus grounds: candles, flammable liquids, flame lamps, and incense. Violators will face immediate loss of residency, criminal prosecution, and removal from campus.

2. The use of electric blankets, hot plates, George Foreman type grills, toasters, toaster ovens, broilers, popcorn poppers, air conditioners, space heaters, and microwaves in individual rooms or common areas are all prohibited except for those provided by the College.

3. Coffee makers, curling irons, clothes irons, hair straighteners, hot pots, and other appliances are allowed only if they have an automatic shut off. Summer guests must have proof of automatic shut off.

4. All types of halogen lamps are prohibited.

5. Attaching or hanging items made of combustible material from the ceiling is prohibited.

6. Gas grills of any type are not permitted on College grounds. Summer guests are encouraged to utilize the charcoal grills located outside their residence complex or behind the Roche Dining Commons.

7. The accumulation of debris, dirty laundry, cans and bottles is prohibited.

8. Decorations in residence areas are prohibited, unless provided by the College.

9. No signage in residence areas is to be visible from outside the building, unless provided by the College.

Ceiling Tiles

All ceiling tiles must remain intact and in place. Missing or broken ceiling tiles create drafts and can lead to the rapid spread of toxic fumes and fire. Ceiling tiles act to slow the spread of fire and smoke. Tampering with ceiling tiles may lead to immediate dismissal.


Guests may have wall posters, tapestries or wall hangings in their rooms provided they are mounted more than six inches (6”) below the ceiling.

In lounge spaces, the wall area covered shall not exceed 25% of the total wall area in that space.

Wall posters, hangings and tapestries shall not exceed twenty-four inches (24”) in height or thirty-six (36”) in length and shall be firmly attached to the wall such that it lays flat against the wall. There shall be at least twelve inches (12”) between each individual wall poster, hanging or tapestry.

Wall posters, hangings and tapestries are prohibited in corridors, hallways and kitchen areas, unless they are non-combustible. Signs of an informational nature shall be allowed only in designated areas such as a college provided tack or bulletin board. The hanging of wall posters at the Roche Dining Commons must be approved by Conference & Event Services and is only allowed in designated areas.


Periodically, Conference & Event Services will inspect all summer guest rooms on campus to make sure they are safe for occupancy. At inspection, fines from $250 to $500 will be assessed to the occupants of the room for each Fire Safety Code Violation. The summer guests will have twenty-four hours to correct the violation(s) after which time, failure to correct the violation will lead to loss of residency. In order to insure integrity of the inspections, summer guests do not have to be notified or present.

Further, the Easton Fire/Rescue Department, the Stonehill Facilities Management Department, the Town of Easton Building Inspector, and Stonehill Campus Police may also conduct unannounced inspections of rooms for any reason.

Guest compliance with the aforementioned Fire and Safety Regulations is necessary to insure the safety of all campus residents


No smoking is allowed in any College Facility. Smoking is prohibited in all facilities on campus including, but not limited to, common areas, lounges, stairways, hallways, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Smoking outside of buildings must be 25 feet from all entrances. All cigarette debris should be properly extinguished and discarded in approved smoking containers located outside of each building entrance.


Stonehill College intends to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations in order to make it a safe pleasant and secure environment for program guests and employees.

Drug Policy

The possession, use, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on campus property. The unauthorized use or possession of drugs prescribed for medical purposes is also strictly prohibited. Use or possession of drug paraphernalia is prohibited on College property.

Alcohol Policy

Massachusetts law forbids the possession of, the sale of, the serving of, and the procurement of alcoholic beverages to and by persons under 21 years of age. The law also forbids falsifying age and identification cards. Use or possession of alcohol (except at approved functions) in public areas, campus grounds, athletic events, academic buildings, Dining Commons, College Center, All Residence Halls (regardless of age) is prohibited.

PETS: For health reasons, summer program guests MAY NOT have pets of any kind in their rooms or on campus.

SODEXO DINING SERVICES: Shirts and shoes are required upon entering the Roche Dining Commons facility. Rules and regulations as set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Town of Easton Board of Health will be strictly enforced.

Summer conference patrons are expected to bus their own tables upon completion of their meals, bringing trash and trays to the dish room area.