S1.27 Student Use of Stonehill Name

Effective Date: October 25, 2022
Last Reviewed: June 8, 2023*

Stonehill College is the owner of its name, logos, mascot, and other trademarks and has sole discretion over their use.

The use of Stonehill College name, logos, seal, crest, indicia, visual mark, or mascot for titles of publications, manufactured items, and/or student organization logos is prohibited without prior approval. Those wishing to use any items, materials, or logos bearing any of the College’s marks must receive approval from the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students (or designee) or the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Director of Athletics (or designee), specifically for use of the Athletics logo or mascot.

Any products or electronic representation upon which the Stonehill name, logos, mascot, and other trademarks appears without approval are subject to confiscation and/or removal.

Additional branding guidelines and procedures are posted on the Marketing website.

Brand Standards

 *updated position title change