S1.17 Student ID Cards - Hill Cards

Effective Date: June 20, 2023
Last Reviewed: June 20, 2023

Students are given an ID card (Hill Card) as part of their regular orientation to the College community. Students must maintain a current card for the entire period that they are affiliated with Stonehill College and must carry their Hill Card at all times. The Hill Card is intended to serve as proof of an individual's status at the College and provides access to many resources provided by the College.

Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery of a Hill Card constitutes a violation of the Stonehill College Community Standards and may result in disciplinary action. In addition, fraudulent or illegal use of the Hill Card may result in disciplinary action.

Hill Cards should not be defaced or modified in any way. The use of stickers, pins, or other items affixed to Hill Cards is prohibited in order to preserve their useful life.

The cardholder agrees to abide by the policy, as amended from time to time, and to the display of their picture on the Hill Card. The card is and at all times shall remain the property of Stonehill College and may be revoked at any time by the College if misused. It must be presented or returned upon request by an appropriate College official.