S1.24 Weapons

Effective Date: June 20, 2023
Last Reviewed: June 20, 2023

Possessing firearms, using firearms, attempting to use or threatening to use firearms whether, loaded or unloaded, explosives, incendiary devices, or other weapons, even if legally possessed, is prohibited on the Stonehill campus or at off-campus events. Weapons include but are not limited to such items as knives, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, bows and arrows, slingshots, BB guns, air guns, pellet guns, air rifles (regardless of projectile velocity), , paintball guns, fireworks, and ammunition (whether metal, plastic, or other materials). 

Possession of a knife on campus

Stonehill follows applicable laws with respect to possession of knives on campus. The use of any knife in the commission of a crime or the use of a knife in a dangerous way is unlawful. The following knives cannot be possessed or carried on the Stonehill campus:

  • Any folding knife with a locking blade and/or a blade over 1½ inches
  • Any double-edged knife (a sharp edge on both sides of the knife blade)
  • Any spring-loaded or automatic knife (like a switchblade)
  • Any knife designed to be a weapon, such as a dirk, dagger, or stiletto. 

Knives designed to be used solely for cooking may be possessed on campus if they are stored securely in a student’s residence hall room. 

Possession of defensive spray

  • Students 18 years of age or older may carry self-defense spray on campus in accordance with Massachusetts law.
  • A self-defense spray means chemical mace, pepper spray, or any device that propels a substance designed to incapacitate an attacker.
  • Defensive sprays cannot be mailed to campus.
  • The law in Massachusetts places certain restrictions on who may carry self-defense spray; questions about the right to carry should be directed to Campus Police. 

Possession of a stun-gun

  • A stun-gun is any portable device or weapon, regardless of how it passes an electrical current, that is designed to incapacitate someone.
  • Massachusetts strictly limits who may possess a stun-gun. As a private college, Stonehill does not allow any stun-guns to be possessed by non-law-enforcement personnel on its property. 

Any item that may be used as a weapon, and any other object that could be used to intimidate or threaten is prohibited. Improper use of laser beam instruments is also prohibited. Possession without appropriate authorization and/or misuse of the weapons will result in serious disciplinary action by the College. Weapons of any kind may not be stored in any building or on the grounds of Stonehill College, including personal vehicles. 

The use of prop weapons for theatrical performances or activities on campus can present a potential danger for students, faculty, and staff. There are well-documented cases where law enforcement officers have mistaken a “toy” or realistic replica for a real weapon, and serious injury or death has resulted. It is unreasonable to expect the Stonehill College Campus Police or College employees to be able to distinguish a “stage prop” or “toy” from a dangerous weapon. Any person, class, club, or other organization that plans to use prop, replica, training, or toy weapon of any description on the Stonehill College campus as part of their activities must register all the details of the activity with the Stonehill College Campus Police. 

Faculty, academic programs, and academic organizations must receive approval from the Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences and/or School of Business for the use of such items. All other groups (whether or not a student group) must receive the approval of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students.