A26.3 Graduate Transfer of Credits


Effective Date: December, 12 2017
Last Reviewed: December, 12 2017

At the discretion of the Graduate Program Director of each program at Stonehill College, a student may be permitted to transfer up to six (6) credits of comparable graduate coursework from a regionally accredited institution.


  • Requests to transfer credit into a Stonehill College graduate program must be initiated in the Registrar’s Office - who will determine transferability of credit in consultation with the Graduate Program Director based on the educational quality of the learning experience being transferred in; the comparability of the nature, content, and level of the learning experience earned to Stonehill College's academic programs; and the appropriateness and applicability of the credit earned in light of the student's educational goals.


  • No more than two (2) courses or six (6) credit hours may be transferred into a Stonehill College graduate program.


  • Transfer credit will not be granted for courses in which a grade lower than a B was earned. Similarly, no credit will be granted for courses showing a grade of Pass or Satisfactory. Undergraduate-level courses will normally not transfer.


  • Only credit hours are transferred. Transfer grades are not recorded on the Stonehill transcript and are not included in the computation of the cumulative grade-point-average. Credits transferred in from quarter hour, trimester, or other non-semester hour institutions may be adjusted to make them equivalent to a Stonehill semester-hour credit.


  • Students are required to provide the Stonehill College Registrar's Office with an official copy of the transfer school's transcript before credits will be transferred.


  • Descriptions of the classes for which credit is sought must accompany a credit transfer request. Additional information (e.g. syllabus) may also be required to determine transferability.


  • Students wishing to take and transfer in courses from another institution after initial matriculation at Stonehill must have the courses pre-approved by the Graduate Program Director and the Registrar’s Office.


  • All coursework, including transfer credit, must satisfy the time-to-degree requirement, as outlined in the Time to Degree part of this catalog.


  • Coursework more than five years old will not be accepted for transfer credit.


  • The Stonehill College Registrar’s Office will notify the student of the credit transfer decision.