Welcome to the Stonehill College Online Policy Manual.

The manual is maintained by the Office of the General Counsel.


12/19/2023 E3.54A Chosen Name Policy policy updated.

10/31/2023 E5.3 Nursing Mothers policy created.

10/31/2023 E3.28 Family Medical Leave policy updated.

6/20/2023 S5.16 College Property & Residence Hall Damage policy updated.

6/20/2023 S1.7 Gambling policy updated.

6/20/2023 S1.17 Student ID Cards/Hill Cards policy updated.

6/20/2023 E1.4 Substance Awareness Policy & Statement of Compliance with the Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act policy updated.

6/20/2023 S1.3 Community Standards & Student Conduct Process policy updated.

6/20/2023 S1.24 Weapons policy updated.

6/20/2023 S1.29 Medical Amnesty policy updated.

6/20/2023 S1.8 Guest policy updated.

6/20/2023 F1.3 Purchasing Card policy updated.

6/20/2023 F1.8 Travel and Expense policy updated.

6/20/2023 F1.10 Business Meals, Entertainment & Other Social Events (Non-Travel) policy updated.

6/20/2023 F1.11 Signature Authorization policy updated.