Effective Date: June 12, 2019*
Last Reviewed: June 23, 2019

I. Purpose and Scope

Stonehill College has a strong commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment where the dignity of each person within our community is respected and affirmed. The College recognizes that some students and employees may prefer to use first and/or last names other than their legal name. To uphold this commitment, the College has developed a policy whereby any current student or employee may elect to use a chosen first and/or last name in interpersonal interactions and on campus records whenever applicable and appropriate. This policy should not be used to request shortened or abbreviated versions of names, but rather should be used for substantive requests for name changes.

This policy is applicable to changing names for routine communication only and the College reserves its right to utilize legal names on all state and federal documents that require such information.

II. Definitions

Chosen name: a name that one may wish to use other than their legal first name to identify oneself. Such examples include, but are not limited to:

A. People who use their middle name instead of their first name

B. People who use anglicized names

C. Names that affirm one’s gender identity

Legal name: a name that appears on official records of identification, such as a person’s passport, driver’s license or government-issued identification cards, birth certificate, court documents, or U.S. issued social security card.

III. Policy

A. Permissible Use of Chosen Names

Current students and employees at Stonehill College are entitled to use a chosen name to identify themselves, with certain exceptions outlined in Section III. E. of this Policy. The College will strive to use one’s chosen name wherever possible across the College in the course of education, business affairs, and communication. Exceptions to this policy are cases in which a legal first name is required, such as payroll forms, financial aid documents, medical records, tax forms, and non-resident visas.

B. Improper Use of Chosen Names

A person wishing to use a chosen name may not do so for purposes of misrepresentation, misidentification, fraud, identity theft, or violation of community standards or local, federal, and state laws and regulations. The College also reserves the right to deny or remove a chosen name in such instances or if it in any way contradicts the College’s mission of preserving the inherent dignity of individuals or Holy Cross values.

C. Request & Approval for Chosen Names

Students wishing to use a chosen name must initiate this request with the Registrar’s Office. Employees of the college wishing to use a chosen name must initiate this request with the Office of Human Resources.

Once the Registrar or Human Resources has approved a request, the chosen name will show up on all systems as outlined in Section III. D. of this policy, unless modification of the system is not possible or reasonably feasible. Because the chosen name has to be updated manually, the process for a chosen name change may take up to ten (10) business days.

Individuals may submit a request to modify their chosen name no more than once per academic year unless extenuating circumstances exist.

D. Display of Chosen First Names

Upon approval by Registrar’s Office or Human Resources, the chosen first name will be updated in all College systems where such a name change is possible and reasonably feasible. A list of the current systems where such change is available, and where such change is unavailable, shall be maintained joinlty by the Registrar and the Director of Human Resources in consultation with the Chief Information Officer.

E. Mandatory Use of Legal Name

Certain types of documents and records maintained by the College require the use of one’s legal name and thus cannot be altered without the completion of a legal name change that has been reported to Registrar’s Office or Human Resources. The list of documents and records that fall into this range include, but are not limited to:

i. Academic Records (Achievement Record, Diploma, Transcripts)

ii. Campus Police Reports

iii. Community Standards Records iv. Counseling Services Records

v. Health Services/Medical Records

vi. Financial Aid Documents vii. Student Accounts Documents

viii. Human Resources Forms and Documents

ix. Payroll/Work-Study Forms (including paychecks and direct deposits)

x. SEVIS/Immigration Records and non-resident visas

xi. Study Abroad Forms and Documents

xii. Tax Forms (i.e. W-2, W-4, I-9, etc.)

xiii. Dean’s List and any listings in public newspapers

xiv. External Reporting (to loan companies, military, government agencies, etc.)

F. Privacy

Students may, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), opt not to permit disclosure of their name to the public as “directory information,” including their chosen first name.

* Due to duplicate policy number changed from E03.54 to E03.54A on 11/18/19