E3.42 Personal Conduct

Effective Date: August 20, 2019
Last Reviewed: August 20, 2019

This policy establishes a code of conduct for appropriate behavior for all employees of Stonehill College. Stonehill College has established rules of conduct to ensure a pleasant and professional work environment for all employees. Violation of any of these rules may result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge. The College reserves the right, based upon the severity of an infraction, to by-pass one or more steps of its progressive disciplinary process as established by the College through its Department of Human Resources.

A list of infractions that may result in disciplinary action has been compiled. Since it is impossible to enumerate every act of omission that would justify the imposition of disciplinary action, this list is not intended to be all-inclusive:

1. Discourtesy towards others.

2. Hindering or limiting normal operations or interfering with another employee’s work.

3. Insubordination, including refusing or intentional failure to follow reasonable directions of your supervisor or do assigned work. Gross disrespect toward supervisors or other persons in authority.

4. Violation of non-disclosure or trade secrets agreements or policies.

5. Unacceptable job performance.

6. Disregard of any known policy or procedure or gross negligence which results in a loss to Stonehill College.

7. Causing embarrassment to the College that could potentially damage or actually damages the College’s reputation.

8. Abuse, misuse, or stealing of the College’s or other employees’ property or equipment.

9. Misuse or abuse of the College property including the Internet, email, and/or voicemail systems. Accessing inappropriate materials on a computer is strictly prohibited.

10. Smoking in unauthorized areas.

11. Behavior or actions offensive to other members of the Stonehill Community.

12. Abusive vulgar language.

13. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness.

14. Displaying behavior that could endanger oneself or another member of the Stonehill Community.

15. Violations of federal, state or local laws; charges of such; or arrests. The employee must report any such violation, charge, or arrest to the Director of Human Resources or the College’s General Counsel.

16. Unlawful or unauthorized use, carrying, or possession of a firearm, explosives, or other potentially dangerous weapons on College property.

17. Discrimination on the basis of a protected class, including, but not limited to: race, color, national origin, religion, disability, age, veteran status, marital status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other legally protected status.