S7.4 Hazing By Student-Athletes

Effective Date: June 27, 2017
Last Reviewed: July 11, 2023

Stonehill College fully complies with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Laws (Chapter 269) regarding hazing. As such, the College has adopted the following policy against hazing for all students including student leaders and athletes. Stonehill defines hazing as any conduct or method of initiation into any student organization, team, group, etc., whether on or off-campus, which endangers the physical or emotional health of any student or other person no matter the intent.

Stonehill College student-athletes are expected to adhere to the same standards as set forth in Policy S1.13.

The Department of Athletics maintains the ability to discipline student-athletes found responsible for acts of hazing beyond those sanctions applied beyond the Community Standards process. Discipline of student-athletes for acts of hazing may include up to permanent removal from participation in Stonehill College Athletics and suspension or expulsion from Stonehill College.