E3.36 Drug Free Campus

Effective Date: August 30, 2019
Last Reviewed: August 30, 2019

Stonehill College is a grantee covered under the Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989. The College provides a drug and alcohol awareness program to inform employees about the dangers of drug abuse, the sanctions involved, and available resources for drug and alcohol counseling and assistance.

Stonehill College intends to comply with all federal and state laws relating to drugs and alcohol in order to ensure a safe, pleasant, and secure environment for all members of the Stonehill community.

It is illegal to manufacture, dispense, distribute, possess, or use a controlled substance on campus. The College’s drug free policy applies to all college activities, whether taking place on or off College property. The College’s drug free policy also applies to all outside vendors, contractors, or third parties associated with the campus.

Employees who violate this Policy are subject to discipline up to and including discharge from employment.

Reporting of Drug Convictions

Under federal law, as a condition of employment with the College, an employee convicted under a criminal drug statute of a violation occurring in the workplace must notify the College not later than 5 days after the conviction. In turn, the College is required to report the conviction information to its federal grant agency within 10 days of receiving the notice.

Legal Sanctions for Drug Use

Drug related offenses under Massachusetts law could carry penalties of assigned community service, fines, or imprisonment, even for first time offenders. Penalties for possession, manufacture, and distribution may be much greater for second and subsequent convictions with mandatory prison terms.

There are also federal criminal laws dealing with distribution of drugs.

Discipline and Termination for Use of Drugs or Alcohol

The illegal use of drugs, or being involved with drug related offenses, even outside the workplace, may result in discipline by the College. Discipline may also be imposed if an employee is at work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The use of drugs and alcohol can affect an employee’s work and put the safety of the employee and others at risk.

While it is the policy of the College to provide assistance for drug and alcohol use and dependency, there are circumstances when unacceptable behavior related to drugs and alcohol will result in the College taking disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Driving or operating dangerous equipment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden. Employees taking drugs prescribed by a physician must notify their supervisor if the drug can impair the employee’s ability to safely perform assigned work. Employees who do not wish to disclose the specific type of prescription drug they are taking to a supervisor may substitute a note from the prescribing physician stating the employee is “taking prescription medication which may impair their ability to operate a vehicle or dangerous equipment.”


Stonehill realizes that drug and alcohol problems are very difficult to deal with on your own. Employees are strongly encouraged to seek assistance. Counseling or other professional help is available.

On-campus resources for help or referral include: Supervisors, Department Heads, Human Resources and the Employee Assistance Program 1-800-828-6025.

Stonehill health insurance and most other health insurance policies provide coverage for drug and alcohol assistance and rehabilitation programs. Details can be found in the health insurance program booklet or by contacting the Office of Human Resources or your health insurance provider.