E3.37 College Cancellation

Effective Date: August 30, 2019
Last Reviewed: August 30, 2019

During inclement weather or in the event of an emergency condition existing on campus, the College strives to maintain service without compromising safety. When it is necessary to close, all academic, athletic, and ancillary operations will be cancelled and only employees assigned to work in essential service areas (Communication Officers, Facilities Management, Campus Police, Snow Team) will report for work as directed.

The College may elect to delay the opening of daily business. In the case of a delay the College will inform employees and students of the adjusted work and class schedule. When delays or cancellations occur during the final exam period, the missed exams will be re-scheduled either during the make-up time periods or on the day following the last date of scheduled exams.

Based on weather conditions, the College may close early. Every attempt will be made to announce the decision two hours before the time that the College will close.

In the event that the College must close, the following will apply:

A decision to close the College before it opens will be made via telephone recording by 6:30 am available at (508) 565-5000, or extension 5000 from a campus phone (the “Status Line”).

The College will make every effort to announce closings through local news channels; however, the official status of the College shall always be announced via the Status Line.

If an employee works in an essential service area or in the event that the College does not close, it is the employee’s responsibility to report to work. However, if conditions make it impossible to travel, employees may use accrued benefit time (not sick time) and should notify their supervisors.

Employees designated as essential service employees shall be compensated at the rate of 1½ times their base hourly rate, including differentials, for all hours worked while the College is closed due to an emergency. Bargaining unit employees will be compensated consistent with the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Depending upon the severity and time of the emergency, employees working in essential areas may be requested to work longer than their scheduled shift until they can be relieved by the next employee scheduled to work.