E3.48 Flexible Work Arrangements

Effective Date: July 1, 2022
Last Reviewed: June 27, 2022

Stonehill College is committed to helping employees balance work, family and personal obligations by offering a number of possible flexible work arrangements. Keeping the needs of our students and colleagues at the forefront, these arrangements provide employees the opportunity for increased flexibility with their work schedule, while allowing the College to maintain a progressive and productive work environment. 

Eligible College employees will be considered for alternative work scheduling on a case-by-case basis in situations where such work schedules have been shown to meet the needs of the students and the institution as a whole, provide coverage for individual departmental operations, and accomplish both work and personal goals for the employee.

Employees who think they can meet the criteria outlined above should discuss with their immediate supervisor and department head one of the alternative work schedules provided below. The department head will determine if the proposed schedule meets the criteria required and will seek Vice President approval on behalf of the employee.  

Supervisors and department heads must ensure that an office is open with in-person coverage during the College’s normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Several alternative work schedule options are available to employees:

  • Flextime, in which an employee works seven hours per workday, but there is flexibility in an employee’s set scheduled starting and ending times. This is often to meet the needs of students.
  • Hybrid workweeks in which the employee works from a location other than campus on either a temporary or regular basis, but with a limited schedule away from campus (for example, one day per week).
  • Job-sharing in which two part-time employees are assigned to the same job, equivalent to one full-time employee. This option must ensure the continuity of the work being done at the same workstation, with two individuals working as a team to accomplish one full-time position’s duties.

Upon approval of a flexible work schedule by the divisional Vice President, a trial period will apply to assess the impact and effectiveness of the arrangement.  The trial period will be established by the divisional Vice President in consultation with the immediate supervisor and will be set at 90 days yet may be adjusted to a shorter or longer period as needed. After successful completion of the trial period, the work arrangement will be reviewed at least annually thereafter to ensure continued success. The arrangement may be canceled for any reason by the College. An employee wishing to change or cancel an alternative work arrangement must obtain written approval from their manager.

Flexible work arrangements are not appropriate for all employees or positions and are not a universal employee benefit. In order for a flexible work schedule to be approved, the employee must have a satisfactory attendance record, meet all performance expectations of their current role, and consistently demonstrate the ability to complete tasks and assignments on a timely basis. The nature of the employee's work and responsibilities must be conducive to a flexible work schedule without causing significant disruption to their own performance or service to students or colleagues.