E3.47 Employee-Student Consensual Relations

Effective Date: August 30, 2019
Last Reviewed: March 4, 2022

This policy applies to all employees of the College. This policy applies to consensual relations. Non-consensual or “coerced” relations are governed by Policy E3.35 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination and Policy S1.14 Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence, the College’s sexual harassment policy.

College employees may not engage in romantic or sexual relations with students who are enrolled the College. A violation of this Policy may result in immediate disciplinary action up to and including termination from the College. In the event that a romantic or sexual relationship existed prior to the student being enrolled at the College, the employee shall immediately discuss the relationship with their supervisor, or in the case of faculty, with the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences or the Dean of the School of Business as the case may be, with a view towards seeking alternative classes, advisors, and other academic arrangements for the student.

For the purposes of this policy, enrollment is defined as any time period during which the student has pre-registered or registered for one or more classes or programs offered by the College, including periods of break during or in-between semesters, where there is a reasonable expectation of continued engagement with the College as a student.