E3.53 Employee Non-Solicitation

Effective Date: August 30, 2019
Last Reviewed: August 30, 2019

Out of respect for the privacy of Stonehill employees, and in the interest of keeping a clean, orderly, and professional workplace, Stonehill prohibits solicitation and distribution on its premises or through campus mail or College email (sent or received) by non-employees and permits solicitation and distribution by employees only as outlined below.

Stonehill limits solicitation and distribution on its campus because, when left unrestricted, such activities can interfere with the normal operations of the College, can be detrimental to efficiency and student learning, can be annoying, and can pose a threat to security.

Persons who are not employed by the College are prohibited from soliciting funds, posting or distributing literature, or offering to sell or to purchase merchandise or services (except by representatives of suppliers who are contracted with, invited by, or licensed by the College), or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, or similar activity on College property.

The College may authorize a limited number of fund drives by employees on behalf of charitable organizations. Any requests for authorization must be submitted in writing to the Director of Human Resources who shall make a recommendation to the President in consultation with the Vice President for Advancement.

While limited personal use of email is permitted, as long as it is not, in the College’s sole opinion, excessive or disruptive to the business or academic needs of the College, the College expressly prohibits the use by employees of College-owned email, networks, and technology devices for solicitation or distribution purposes.

Employees may not solicit funds or otherwise solicit among employees for any purpose during actual working time. Working time for the purpose of this policy does not include lunch breaks or other established break periods. Working time includes the working time of both the employee doing the soliciting and the employee to whom the solicitation is directed. Employees are reminded that individual employee work schedules vary.

Employees may not distribute or circulate in print or electronically any material concerning matters other than those directly related to College business in any work area. For the purposes of this Policy, work areas do not include break rooms or non-student dining areas. This prohibition does not apply to protected union activities.

Gambling, lotteries, pools, and raffles (unless a College-sponsored activity) and commercial or retail sales (including, but not limited to, the sale or rental of homes, or the sale of jewelry, cosmetics, or event tickets) of any kind are strictly prohibited on College property.

This policy shall at all times be construed as not to limit a faculty member’s ability to engage in legitimate academic or scholarly activities nor shall it serve to limit, expand, change, or modify the rights and responsibilities of the College or any members of a College bargaining unit with respect to any Collective Bargaining Agreement.